Our Story


Thai agriculturists live their lives in harmony with nature, growing crops and raising cattle both for food and for a living. They are of great capacity to depend on themselves in every aspect of their daily life including weaving their own clothes. Culture of silk-weaving in each particular region thus exists alongside Thai way of life, manifesting itself in intricately-woven silk drawn from golden cocoons that has made its way from countryside to universality, earning Thai silk great renown for its exquisite intricacy and timeless beauty.

Apart from its distinctive qualities of yarn drawn from silk cocoons or pods, the gum coating the silk fiber is found not to be any less wondrous in another aesthetical respect as it is rich in nutrients to tenderly nourish skin. Silk fiber could moisturize 300 times the cocoon weight, and the gum or sericin consists mainly of amino acid in the range of 16-38%, helping retain moisture and inhibit oxidation that produces free radicals, therefore solving skin-aging problem in almost all aspects.

MAi was established to put its name in the skincare world when Ms. Pornthip Phongpatchara aka Khun Lek , an environmental scientist working as water resource developing consultant for more than 20 years, got several chances from her work to visit various rural areas and experience their respective simple and peaceful way of life and, with this, resuming her long-time passion for Thai silk through witnessing every procedure of silk-weaving. Aware of the great benefit of Sericin from silkworm cocoon which had not yet been utilized and thus wasteful, she realized it had far greater prospect than she could ever ignore and decide to give it its due importance. She collaborated with Ms Dawan Wisetsat, an agriculturist raising silk worms in Suan Pueng (Bee Garden) District in Ratchaburi along with technical support from Dr. Uraiwan Ninpetch, an academic having expertise in silkworms and mulberry tree. the only plant they feed on, to use silk gum containing natural protein sericin as major ingredient to develop skin care products since it is uniquely close to protein of human skin, hardly made possible from any synthetic elements. Khun Lek is so determined to pass on the value that this priceless protein she developed could make happen, together with some other meticulously selected ingredients, to Thai people to have healthy skin and to take another stride further to put the brand “MAJ” to the skin-care world to rejuvenate skin against time under the slogan


“Experience A New You”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a leading brand known for its natural ingredients and use of high-quality silk protein, sourced from Thai silkworms. In 1 year, MAi will be well-known in Thailand and neighbouring ASEAN countries.