Sericin ― A Valuable Natural Protein For Your Skin


Golden silk is produced from cocoons of Thai silkworms, whose scientific name is Bombyx Mori, belonging to the moth family Bombycidae. Silk consists mainly of two proteins, fibroin, and sericin. Sericin is a silk glue that wraps around silk threads, Fibroin.

Sericin is a silk protein that is highly valuable and can provide moisture up to 300x its weight. It contains high moisture to prevent dry skin and reduces the growth of viruses. Sericin is natural and becomes one with the skin when applied. There are numerous benefits that come with sericin, the most impressive fact is that 90% of what is found in the protein is found in the human body, which other synthetic substances find difficult to match. MAJ intends to deliver the value of natural ingredients gentle for the skin found in silk protein to provide customers with healthy and natural skin.

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