Life Cycle of Silkworm

The growth of silkworms separated into 4 stages which are egg stage, worm stage, cocoon stage, and adult moth stage.


The life cycle of silkworms begins when adult moth lay eggs. A female moth lays about 250-500 tiny eggs. Eggs are yellow in the beginning and then change into grey before hatching in 10 days.


After hatching "Larvae or Worm" eats mulberry leaves 3 times a day. They feed on mulberry until become fat and full-growth in 3 - 4 weeks. 


When the silkworm is alive for 12-13 days, the silk gland is only 6.39% of its body weight. When the larvae prepare to enter the pupal phase of their lifecycle, they enclose themselves in a cocoon made up of raw silk produced by silk glands that can weigh up to 41.97% of its body weight. By now, all proteins convert into fibers that can be drawn out as fine and luscious silk of high value.

Adult Moth

Adult Moth is a reproductive stage. They have short life, mating, laying eggs, and dying in a few day later. 

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